Thursday, December 10, 2009

Super Hero Capes....

Wow, the site I saw these on are charging $38 and $48 each for these. I thought ok, I can do this and proceeded to buy the fabric and try my hand at sewing with satin.

Total cost for the fabric about $9.00, thread $3.00 and the felt for the applique about fifty cents. So around twelve or so dollars....

However, after trying to get this made with the lovely silky soft sliding all over the place fabric, I would have to say the money they want on that site is SO worth it.

It took me forever to get it right. The satin kept sliding and I couldn't get the applique on right because it would slide and the threads are not straight....I could go on and on but I won't. Suffice it to say I will not be making these. But, the lovely purple one, I have a duplicate cut out ready to be put together and it's all for Two + Two + Fourever family. Just email me and I will ship it off to you.

And if anyone else wants one and is super nice to me I might consider it. LOL!!

Oh yeah and thank you oh so much for the idea. Now I have to make a pink one for the other sister, with not just a flower but a bowl of noodles, because you know her super powers don't come into effect until she's had her super noodles. (from the mouths of babes LOL)

Scratch that, the little's have informed me that they need matching capes and I must make the purple for JJ, so just for you Rett I have a hot pink satin. I will see if I can squeeze two out of it because if your little's are anything like mine, you have to have one for each or teeth nashing and hair pulling ensues. And we don't want that!!

And I am kidding, just like being a smart Alec. (about the fighting not the free capes) I enjoy changing it up every so often.


Tami said...

These look great! Imaginative fun!

Had an idea for a project....chic diaper bags, and maybe the coverings that go over the shopping cart where the child sits?

I'll keep thinking!


sweet momma luv u said...

Hi! These are really cute.
I am your ornament swap this year!
Hope you get to bring your little girl home soon!

We hope to travel on Feb. for our little guy!