Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Summer Fun~

When there is nothing else to do, you bring out the slip n slide~

And have your oldest DD take random pictures for you~

And of course Rachel is not without her favorite movie ever....I  think I may have to purchase this from the library for her....she always checks it out it's always in her hand~

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Python Parade~

In our neck of the woods there is an old wives's about pythons...

I will spare you the history lesson, if you are interested you can read about it here.

Much fun was had by the little's and the one big that happened to be home and was drug along.

I mean seriously, five kids with kazoo's, what could be more fun than that??

And being able to actually participate in said parade?? Even better yet.

Followed by Daddy who had to stop and admire the view.

And more walking...(all up hill BTW)

Which ended with a hillarious puppet show that had all the kids rolling with laughter...even our sweet Josh who doen't quite understand the whole english thing yet.

Hope your weekend was just as fun as ours!!

Ni Hao Yall

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little Summer Fun~

It was just a tad warm yesterday so to stop the bickering between the little's we decided to venture outside.

They were happy, me, not so much but I survived.

They had some fun, some popsicles and got some of their energy out!!

oh, and Joshua insists that I be in at leats one of the pictures I take. He took the camera and because he is never far from me....I had to post this lovely pic. Sans makeup or even a brushed head of hair. Lovely, eh?

Once we soaked up enough water, the bikes came out and well....

They still roll like they are in China.....three to a bike!!

Whatever works, right?!?! lol

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


yep, that's me looking tired and getting ready to take the kiddos out to pick blueberries.

Only the Little's would pose for a picture~

And me again....way to many of me...who had the camera anyway?? oh yes, it would be oldest darling daughter...

The kids loved picking blueberries. To bad our tree's died this year...
I think they may have eaten more than they took home...

Look at all those yummy blueberry tree's!! Hope we are able to go back for more~~

And the kids' very favorite cousin was able to join us!! (and their mama, of course, who is one of my very favorite people!!)


Looks like the caterpillars got to this one before us.....

And then we went for ice cream!! Always a good thing~

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I've got nothing~

trying to keep up with a blog, facebook, seven children, a household and well, just life in general leaves no time for blogging.

And honestly, nothing is going on right now~

We are hanging around home, trying to get used to being a family of nine.

Joshua is in ESL classes twice a week, which he loves.
My plan to home school is taking a back seat as I see his love for "going to school" and being with other kids.

And honestly, I am going to need the time with just Rachel this fall, to muddle through all her specialist's appointments as we try to figure out all of her special needs.