Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moving Day 1

This is only one corner of the family room....unbelievable how much clutter you accumulate in just two years....

Finding things to do when everything is packed, hope the movers won't be to upset.

Ok, so this is day one of three of the big move. It shouldn't be this hard, right? I guess the fact that we have five kids and they are all here with us while we are doing this would probably contribute to the hardship. Add to that the dog, the kitten, no food and dishes and well it's not easy. Hopefully this will be the last big move for awhile. Knowing my husband though, he'll move us back in two years. I guess since we aren't doing tha major packing other than what we are taking with us to the temporary place should make me feel better unless I start thnking about the fact that it's a two bedroom townhome and the kids will be out of school until we find a house and get it under contract. Yikes, let's not think about that right now. Anyway, enjoy pictures of our clutter, or rather the mess of our home right now.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009!!! UPDATED VIDEO

We had a great time at our final FCCMD Chinese New Year event. I missed having Sunny here with us this year but we all had fun!! This year there were more activities, a Chinese musician along with raffles and good food. Grace ate her fill of mac n cheese while Hope feasted on, what else noodles!! We didn't win any of the prizes but were able to purchase some nice things from China Sprout with some of the proceeds going towards our FCC group.

We have only six days left in our house and God willing one of the two offers on our house will go through....

I am starting to feel the stress and have doctors appointments this week to get all my meds straight before we leave. I'm a little nervous moving to a new area with no doctor lined up for myself or Grace. She is in need of speech therapy soon. I'm sure we'll get it all straightened out. This move seems to be taking more out of me than usual but I am strong and will survive.

See you on the other side. Next time I post we will be in Washington DC!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moving right along.....

Wow, we have only nine days left in this house.....I should be emotional about it, but because we have moved so much in the past I am kind of numb. I keep hoping that someday somewhere we will be settled and we will find a home we LOVE and stay put. But, thinking about that and all the moves we have made, would I change anything....NO. How could I? If we hadn't moved so much we wouldn't have had all the opportunities we have had or met so many wonderful people and we certainly wouldn't have Hope and Grace. I am thankful for the experiences we have had and look forward to new ones. Living in Washington DC will have it's good points, how could I think otherwise?? It is a city alive with history and change. I look forward to that.

So, I may not be posting for awhile, other than our Chinese New Year event on Saturday. I think (pretty sure like, 99%) that we sold our house. Yeah!!! We will be looking for a new one in VA. But good things are coming!! I am going to start the sewing site again once we are settled. Grace's orphanage sponsor is very much in need of funds and I will be donating a percentage of the money to their organization. I am also very taken with a 10 year old girl in Ethiopia that desperately needs to be adopted. I am thinking of sponsoring her also with the proceeds.

Anyone need any girls clothes for spring????

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting the hang of this....

With the exception of the profile button being way to close to the header!! Anyone have a clue how to fix that?? I would also like the posts to be a little lower. Please someone help me!!??

Just finished my daughter's blog. It's plain and simple but cute!! It's called,

Whatever check it out...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I interrupt this bloggy break because I'm trying to learn html codes and how to redo my own blog. I'm not real crazy about this design but it's my first and I am learning. What do you all think?? Please be kind, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I also did this one here. Which one do you like better??

We also celebrated Gracie's 2nd birthday over the weekend. And, we only have 15 days left in this house before moving on to D.C. Am I nervous and scared, you betcha!!

BTW, I lost all my favorites when I deleted the previous codes, lease leave a comment so I can get you back on my sidebar!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taking a bloggy break.....

This has been a long time coming but with all the changes heading our way I feel a break is in order. I have three weeks to find new housing, find schools, notify movers, etc etc....

My lovely Crohns/Colitis has come back and I just don't have the heart for this right now. I will post an update around Chinese New Year. This will be our last celebration with our local FCC family. Then I will post again once we are settled in DC.

Here are a few pictures of the girls trying to decide what outfit to wear. We have so many, unfortunately they will outgrow them soon. We bought a lot of little ones but nothing for when they are older.... Guess I will just have to go back to China some day : )

Also some pictures from our visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. If you are ever in the area, definitely worth a visit.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year, New Plan....sort of

OK, the move to DC is back on. Yes, we are crazy, we keep going back and forth and can't seem to make up our minds. In the end it came down to Kerry's passion for the job. DC is his dream, so we are off. Keep us in your prayers, we need to list our current home, find temporary housing, find a new home and get the kids enrolled in a new school in a matter of 4 weeks!!
That is a lot to take care of !!