Wednesday, November 19, 2014


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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bathroom redo on the cheap....

Buying an older home has it perks....character, uniqueness.....however those same traits also translate into a lot of work.

It started with a poorly done laminate job....and manifested into changing most everything. Those of you that know me realize I couldn't just leave the laminate squares alone....

So began the bathroom redo for under $400....and only one emergency call to a friend to help with plumbing.

                                                             Yucky laminate cheap flooring

                                                                 1980's oak cabinets

                                                                       and 80's gold faucets

                                                                  and again 80's oak mirrors
 All of these glorious things were original to the house....and while they may be some people's idea of a good thing, well for me it just wasn't doing anything for me. I couldnt afford a complete redo. So I did the next best thing.....

                    Cabinets were painted a chocolate brown. They look lighter but I promise they are a rich chocolate brown that still allows you to see the wood grain. We went with Behr paint from home depot in a satin finish.

I did paint the whole bathroom a yellowish-cream color....But the wall with the mirrors needed an extra pop, so I added a wallpaper accent. I know, so 80's but it needed something.

We also swapped out the lights.....and mirrors....

I made curtains for the window above the bathtub. I am still thinking about painting the wood trim in the bathroom off white. However, my whole house is oak trim and I would have to do the house because I cant stand something not looking like the other...

We also switched out the faucets from the gold to a silver finish.

And finally we tore (or rather I tore up the laminate) You see if the hubs is away and you start something, ultimately he will help you finish :)

We also decided to swap out the toilet but I dont think you want a picture of that. We chose not to replace the tub or the shower surround. It would have been to expensive and we are on a budget. Some day we may do that or we may just move....

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mini Escape to Michigan

We really needed this vacation. It was time to reconnect and enjoy just being together.
A great time was had by all.

               Right before the storm rolled in ....the clouds were very dark and the waves pretty high.

                                                                      Ice cream time.

                                                    The cone was bigger than she thought.

                                                          Acting like the flamingo.

                                                            Our view for the week

                                                           My favorite spot this week.

                                         Sorry Mr. Hale, she didnt mean to pick all the petals

                                                           Reading and Game time

                                My little fish, I think she could live in the water if it were possible.

                         And the only picture that will ever be posted of me in a bathing suit publicly.