Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Likes and Dislikes~

When adopting an older child there are some things you should of them is learn the language. Which we did not do.

It's very hard to communicate. He doesn't understand, we don't understand. We get by with a few words we know and sign language, but it's still hard.

Today was Gracie's field trip to the zoo with her pre school class.

It was suppossed to be fun...and for the most part it was. However Joshua doesn't like the zoo and made it known.

He did like a few of the animals, but wouldn't get out of the stroller and was happiest when he got to choose his snack at the concession stand and when we looked at the jelly fish.

He also got free sushi at the local noodle shop....which was not a good thing~ he threw a tantrum because he didn't like what I  ordered for him. But that's ok, he is still adorable.

And the language thing, it will come along....eventually. We can't imagine our lives without Joshua.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Home from China~

Its Been a looong two weeks without the hubby and oldest son~

However they were on an important mission~

A mission to Joshua who was patiently waiting for his baba to come take him home.

The airport had the crazy misfortune to host the whole Christopher clan on thursday~

Jake was the one hiding in the trees with the wolf hat~

He only scared a few people coming off their flights~ that is before we kindly told him to move so as not to bother people...LOL

                                                      We barely held our excitement in...

But managed to keep it at bay by taking random pictures....

Until their flight was called and we saw them!!

Not a tear shed.....just smiles all around...

except for Caleb who has since told me he will never board a plane again....

And then the moment I have waited for, a whole year!!! A hug from my youngest son~

Now offically a Christopher and a US citizen!!!

And I thought for sure fast friends with Hope...

                                                        Finally a family complete!!!

And then we started right in with a mulch delivery....and put everyone to work.....

With a few breaks here and there....

for driving cars....

and tracing around mama and Joshua....

more random pictures.....

a tumble down the driveway, but still full of smiles

bubbles, a favorite activity..

and popsicles of course...

Everyone is doing well. The onyl advice I have for those adopting an older child~ learn the language!!!

Wehave had one meltdown since coming home and it would have really helped to have been able to tell him why he was in trouble. But, all we could do was hold him while he hard~

Ni Hao Yall

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On their way Home~

finally!! After 12 days in China Kerry and our sons are coming home!

In the mean time we have had a very busy two weeks. Field days, school picnics, doctors appointments and all sorts of other things~ Including a fractured elbow :(

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's Official!!

He is now a Christopher!!

He loves his big brother...and shopping!!

And posing for the camera?!?! Of course he loves that to~

Falling asleep in Daddy's arms~the best ever~

Welcome to the family Josh!! We love you~

Monday, May 14, 2012

Joshua Day!!

I could write so many eloquent things but honestly, I know you all are hear to see the pictures, so I will get right to it!!

I was lucky enough to be on the phone during "gotcha". SO precious hearing your son say "I love you " in chinese.

No tears yet... just took his backpack and broke out the suckers.

Bonding with big brother.

And his famous "peace sign", gotta love that!!

And of course you have to bring a Goodyear blimp, right??

For more pictures or to hear it from my husbands point of view visit our travel blog: