Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Hope everyone had a great father's day. We went to church, out to dinner and then enjoyed the BaBa's new ride....

Now if you made it this's not really ours, just borrowed for the weekend. LOL
Not that I wouldn't love to have one....... some day...


Friday, June 19, 2009

More Splash Park Fun

Can you see the theme of our summer here.... We do have a pool in our sub, a very nice pool. However the kids seem to like the splash park and well, I kind of do too. Grace is afraid of water so this is great for her, she can get wet at her own pace. Me, I can watch five kids better here without risk of one of them drowning. And who doesn't love a great Starbu*ks drink while watching the kids play??


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adam at New Day....

This post is for Adam, waiting on his family to find him. Taken from New Day's blog...

It’s true that his heart isn’t whole.With a corrected VSD and a pacemaker, Adam has already fought many battles in his young life. But he has fought valiantly, and he has won. When you’re with this little guy, the scary details of his medical file pale in comparison to the joy that comes from knowing him.With his adoption papers currently at Small World Adoptions, we’re looking forward to the day when his family finds him. And we know it will take a special family… one who is able to see past the clinical terms and complicated diagnosis and just see a precious little guy who needs a family. We believe this family is out there somewhere – they just haven’t yet had the chance to get to know and love Adam yet.
We want to change that.Adam likes to suck his thumb. It’s almost always his right one. He doesn’t ball his hand up into a fist in front of his face, with his thumb poked in his mouth. Instead, he keeps his hand flat, with his palm resting on his chin and his fingers stretching around to his cheek. It's a cute little habit that is distinctly "Adam."Adam pretends he’s a puppy. When he goes outside, he’s often on hands and knees, crawling around the yard. He tries to pick up toys with his mouth, and he comes up and waits to be patted on the head. We’ve stopped him from eating plants and other things he finds on the ground a few times… His game is so convincingly fun that it doesn’t take long until we have 4 or 5 other little puppies poking around the yard! It’s all fun and games until they decide to practice biting and chewing. Adam even barks and pants, but his “tough dog” game quickly ends when our real dog shows up! Though he imitates our pet Beagle, Adam has no desire to be on the same eye-level as the real dog. It’s quite an elaborate game, though the resulting grass-stained knees certainly cause some extra work in the laundry room!Adam could spend all afternoon cuddled on your lap. He loves to be held, and he’s one of those little guys who doesn’t sit stiffly, carefully keeping a safe distance. He lets down his defenses and melts against you. He rests. He lets you love him. And in return, he loves you.His heart may not be whole… but it is full. Full of laughter and mischief; of hope and love.
All he needs is a family to help make it whole.
As fellow bloggers, would you help Adam find his family? If you are a part of a yahoo group associated with Chinese adoptions, maybe you can post this story there. Or maybe you’ll take a moment to link this story from your own blog. Adam’s heart condition is quite serious, and we know it will take a special family to adopt him… but with your help advocating for him, it isn’t impossible.

There is also a new post on the private blog......


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weekend Fun

I thought we would have a laid back relaxing quiet weekend, the big kids went with DH to the mountains. The Little's and I stayed home. Those of you that know me know that camping and I well, we just don't get along. My idea of camping is a Hilt*n or H*liday Inn, you get my point right?? Anyway, H and G and I explored our downtown area on Friday, went to get ice cream and stopped at Pet Smart. Oh and I also had this bright idea to trim our front tree after seeing our neighbor do his....I think I got a little carried away, but it does look better....

I thought Saturday we would take it easy but that didn't happen either. The girls and I went to the local bookstore where we ran into a fellow adoptive parent. This was so nice because we have yet to connect with anyone who lives in our area that has adopted from China. I am trying but not having any luck. I REALLY REALLY miss my FCC group from Michigan!!! We stayed and played and read books then ventured to our favorite shopping area for lunch and play time. The girls had a blast and frankly I am surprised they are still awake!!! Hope all of you had a great weekend!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Post...

on the private blog, taking abreak for awhile...