Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heritage Farm ~ Sunday Snapshot ~

It's been awhile since we've all been anywhere as a family. Usually it's three or four of us together but today, since it's Sunday we decided on a whim to venture down to a local farm and see what we could find~

Hope of course is always up for a road trip.

                                                             Even I got in on the fun~

We found some pretty cool sites to take pictures my dream vehicle!! Of course the one i want is aqua blue and in prestine condition and costs a small fortune!

Silly Jake, always posing for pictures....

Look at my girls smile!! I just love Rachel's smile...she is so beautiful...

And as always the traditional fall wagon picture, wouldn't be a Christopher fall without one....

Trying to tame my crew of kiddos for a new blog header pic, but they wouldn't have it....kept saying it was silly...sigh~

  and my wooly bear, it's gonna be a long cold winter~

And what is a sunday outing without a chocolate treat?!?!?

Hope you all had a great Sunday!!

Sunday Snapshot

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another Skirt Update~

Still plenty of skirts available and I am busily sewing more as we speak!!

These would make wonderful Christmas gifts and you would be helping our son come home to his forever family.

Here is what is available:

                                                          Pastel Umbrellas  Size 2

                                                             Christmas Trees  Size 2

                                                            Christmas Candy size 2

                                                                   Black Birds size 2

                                                                     Floral Swirl size 3

                                                             Pastel Floral size 4

                                                            Asian Tea (yellow) size 4, 5

                                                               Blue Bird Floral  Size 4

                                                            Strawberry Tea Size 3,4, 5

                                                                 Asian Takeout size 4

                                                                Retro Brown Dots Size 5

                                                                      Reverse Floral size 5

                                                         Black/Pink Floral Size 6

                                                               Celebrate Suess  size 7/8

                                                               Princess   Size 7/8

                                                             Color Splash  Size 7/8

And as for this cute skirt, it's available in any size and as an extra, you can order a beautiful applique shirt from Robin over at Red Thread Stitches to match!!

Now how cute would that look???

As always, please email me to make sure your choice is available before paying. Once you have confirmed and paid your order will be shipped out unless it is custom, then I will need 5-7 days to get your order completed.

Skirts are $20 each and shipping is only $2 no matter how many you order.

I do have a link on my blog for payment now.

Thank you for helping us bring our son home.

Monday, October 10, 2011

100 Skirts to Joshua ~UPDATED~

I have been trying to answer all my emails and get things sewn while still homeschooling and taking care of my family. I want to thank you all for your patience.

I have sold 30 skirts so far!!

I wanted to give an update on what is still available and to introduce some new choices and a new picture of our son taken yesterday!!! 

My reason for sewing until dawn!! He is so handsome. I have been walking around in a daze just staring at his picture!!

OK, the reason you are all reading...the following skirts are either ready to send or ready to be sewn.

                                                                    Size 2  ready to ship.

                                                       ok, minus China Girls, that just sold.

                                                                   Size 3

                                                                  Size 4

                                                                   Size 5

                                                                        Size 6

The following fabrics are available in any size, first come first serve, once they are gone I can not order any more.

Thank you all for your prayers, orders and patience. I truly appreciate them!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Snapshot Sunday~ The Big Sale

My 100 skirts to Joshua sale, that is!! The reason for my sale??

Well, we have a son waiting in China. He is five and just the sweetest little guy ever ~ but I may be partial....and he needs his mama and baba and we need him.

This was taken back in August, isn't he just the most adorable boy ever?? He looks happy and content.

Well, this picture was taken about two weeks ago....he is now in boarding school. All week, day and night...he doesn't look to happy now or content. Hence my sense of urgency in getting him home, which means fundraising for the fee's that come along with any adoption.

So, with the help of my wonderful friend Robin over at Red Thread Stitches, I am launching the 100 skirts to Joshua sale.

These would make great gifts or keep a few for daughter(s).

The following are available in any size. They are not ready to ship but you can custom order what you like.

  I have a very limited number of halloween skirts in various sizes in the pumpkin print. The coordinating fabric is an orange dot.

                                                                   Retro Butterfly

                                                                     Plaid Flowers

                                                                        Mod Floral

                                                                       Blue Swirl

                                                                   Orange Floral

                                                             Grandma's Curtains

                                                  These are ready to ship in a size 6

                                              Blue Red Mod, Fruit Flourish and Black Roses
                                                                Size 6

Blue Lanterns Size 6

                                                          Green Lanterns Size 6

                                                                 Owls Size 6

                                       Strawberry Tea Party, Owls and Yellow Asian Tea Party
                                                                        Size 5

Black Swirl, Retro Butterfly and Brown Dots
                                                                               Size 5

                                       Chinese Takeout, Blue Birds and Yellow Asian Tea Party
                                                                      Size 4

                                    Strawberry Tea Party, Midwest Modern and Carnival Bloom
                                                                          Size 3

                                                       Michael Miller Bird houses
                                                                   Size 2

                                  Holiday Trees Pink, Holiday Trees Blue and Holiday Trees Plaid
                                                                     Size 2

                                            Chinese Kids, Retro Floral black and Black Birds
                                                                        Size 2

                                                          Pastel Chinese Girls
                                                                     Size 2

All skirts are $20 each and ready to ship. Shipping is $2.00 no matter how many you order. Please email me for availability. It is first come first serve.  The first five orders received will also get a custom luggage tag/backpack tag.


I can also take limited custom orders if you see a size not listed and I have the fabric in stock.

Thank you for helping to bring our son home.

Sunday Snapshot