Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Trip Friday~

We've officially been home schooling for five days~ I would like to say it's been all fun and games and easy, but it's not and hasn't been.

Caleb does extremely well, time wise, study wise etc. He has always been a great student and very much a schedule person. Hope on the other hand....not so much, she is easily distracted. The ticking clock bothers does the dog walking around and the mail truck etc., etc., etc..

You get the point. She is smart, very smart and enjoys math...she does struggle with reading and sitting still. But, I am enjoying the one on one time with her....(when the two toddlers allow it) and she is getting some much needed mommy time. She craves the attention and seems to enjoy being home.

I do worry about her social life. She is signed up for gymnastics and has her two sisters...but knowing Hope she needs to be around others her age. I know we won't keep her home forever but in the mean time this will allow her time to adjust and get some serious attachment going~

Yes, even though she has been home over 5 years we still have some attachment issue's left over from orphanage life. I would like to say it will get better but it is what it is and we take it day by day.

And because we are celebrating five days at home learning we decided to have a "Field Trip Friday" .

We are heading to the Zoo!! Have a great day everyone!!

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mom2three said...

Desiree, have you looked into sensory disorders for Hope? Or perhaps even ADD? We have two children just like that :( Praying you see the blessing in homeschooling. As for socializing, don't worry about it right now. It will come, I promise!