Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Sale ~ Sunday Snapshot....

I have a great friend, someone whom I have never met, but who loves the Lord, orphans and me....she has a heart for helping families fund raise and now because of her help I can continue to "sew Joshua home"!!

I have spent the weekend sewing, and sewing. You see Robin, yes the one and the same Robin of Red Thread Stitches, sent me packages of pre cut, pre measured skirts.

I now have 25 skirts in variouss sizes that I will be offering for sale. All proceeds will go towards the cost of our adoption of Joshua.

Hope modeling a new skirt

Gracie J playing while mama sews.

Hannah putting good use to our "new to us" school desks.

To see what's available and all the details head over to Josh's blog.

Sunday Snapshot

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Sennie said...

You have a beautiful family!
Here from Sunday Snapshot.