Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not Wordless Wednesday~

It's 2:30 here in our neck of the woods....I have been up since sunrise~  Trying to get some things done.

We have contractors here, finally fixing and replacing the floors that were flooded monthes ago. We had to do the grunt work....removing old moldy carpet and padding, not to mention the tack strips and nails...ouch!!

But it saved us money and that my friends is the bottom line.

The girls and I are solo for today only, so we decided to get some winter baking/cooking done.

First up, homemade spicy chicken chili. I think my eyes were permanently maimed. LOL  The guys working must have thought I was some crazy lady cooking chili's and onions at 8:30 in the morning.

But the smells, yummy!! And dinner is done for the day with another batch frozen for next week.

Next on the schedule, the 2 bushels of apples we got at the farm.

 ''I took the easy way out though....Just made simple apple pie filling. Apples, cinnamin, lemon juice, and flour....

Now that my friends has to be the best smell of the day!! There is nothing like cinnamin apples.

And we have enough for the winter with more yet to make....I ran out of lemons and the rest will have to wait until the weekend.

Ok, next up, chocolate chip cookies, by request of my sweeties Rachel and Gracie.

I had help with this one. Ran out of eggs to, so only one batch instead of the intended three so we could have some to freeze.

Maybe  I am nesting??

And after all that cooking

I start to see the tell tale signs of my kiddo's slowly getting sleepy.

 Which is ok. They helped a lot and deserve a nap. And me? Well, I will clean up the kitchen and roll myself out to the couch for a much needed nap also!! After all someone had to taste everythign to make sure it was ok, right?!?!

Stay tuned tomorrow for day one of home school....and if you would say a prayer. I am nervous!!

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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

EVERYTHING looked delicious!!! I would love your spicy chicken recipe! :)

LOVE the smell of apple pie baking in the oven....

Love and blessings,