Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to do~

no, it's nothing major, just thinking about the boys' room and what we can do to make it work....

Jake has his own room but will be sharing with Joshua. I want beds that are low to the ground, maybe with storage...something a little like this~

Perfect for two little guys to share and plenty of storage...the problem of course is the cost~

I have googled and found the least expensive version is still $1400!! Which for me is simply crazy.

Now I can make my own configuration. I will sell Jake's current bed...(that we just bought when we moved here 6 mths ago and he has NEVER slept in....another story for another time)

And with that money will buy two platform beds and make a table for the middle where the heads meet.

Kind of like this~

My total cost, probably around $50 after I sell the original bed...not to bad and I will get the color I want instead if having to pay extra for a color not carried in stock.

But, I would welcome other idea's. We have tossed around bunk beds, but I have never been a huge fan of them and our ceilings are not high. Plus boys and bunk me that equals unnecessary trips to the ER.


Tina Michelle said...

I am not really sure how that would cost but I just have my two girls in regular twin beds. Then I got under the bed storage bins with lids from local stores and put them under the bed. It was pretty inexpensive and easily accessible. Whatever you figure out, I hope it works out well.

Sharon Ankerich said...

I think your idea is brilliant! LOVE it!!! The boys will love it. Thankful we have a trundle... just in case we get a brother for Will. wink wink. Blessings and love!