Wednesday, September 14, 2011


On the adoption front...other than our home study is finished and we get to file our immigration paper work~

Which could take up to two months for approval in the great state of Ohio~  sigh...

We sent Joshua a care package for Autumn Moon and we were told he received it and that they would give it to him the actual day of the festival and he would be sharing it with a little girl who is also 5 and being adopted to Ohio...The kids will only be 2 hours or less from each other.

So in the meantime, what have I been doing....

well, sewing of course. (shop is open again and I have new Halloween pillowcase dresses coming soon!!)

and browsing the Internet. Found out we, well I, have Amish roots!! My grandparents on my Dad's side were actually Amish...not sure why they left or how but traced it all back to Germany in 1850!!

OK, so now I am off to something productive....any idea's?? LOL

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