Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you my momma??

It's that time again....advocating for two beautiful children...

First up is Ya Wein, she was born 10/2009 and is in Guanxi.

Her special need is microtia and motor delay.

Here is an update Wasatch just recieved:
There are two pictures also but my computer won't download them.
1. She likes to eat sweet potato, taro. She can also eat rice and drink milk.
2. She can crawl, and stand up with holding something to support her body, and can walk a few steps by herself.
3. She can speak “jie jie”(mean: sister), “da da” (mean: father), “gong gong” (mean: grandpa), “po po” (mean: grandma), etc.
4. Basically all the simple sentences people say, Ya Wen can understand.

5. She likes to play with Children and adopts that she knew. Right now she lives in the foster family.
6. She likes to play dolls.

7. She likes shower.

8. When Ya Wen crying, hold her and talk to her.

9. Ya Wen is a shy girl, when she saw a stranger she had no emotions on her faces, just looking at them, but after strangers play with her for a few minutes, she would laugh.

10. She can pick up some tiny staffs, such as: hair, grain of rice, etc. She can also find her toys and paly.

11. She has a bit of hearing; she will look for sounds, and can hear what people say
12. She can crawl, can stand up and walk with holding something, but she cannot walk independently

Next up is this handsome little guy~ He is so cute and his special need is not that big of a deal. He has a limb difference much like our Rachel has. I can answer any questions you might have!!
He is Panghai and was born 6/2004. He is so handsome and wants a family to call his own.

He was abandoned at age 4, can you imagine!?!?  He is also in a foster family and has a brother and sister.

Here is what his foster mama says about him:

Sometimes, when Panghai get food for award at school, he will take home and share with brother and sister; when the mother cooking in the kitchen, Panghai will make a paper plane, and let it fly in the room, which makes brother and sister laugh a lot happily.

One time, mother is ill, and father is not at home. Panghai can see that mother is not comfortable, then he said to his mother: “mum, you are uncomfortable, would you like to see a doctor? And let me phone father.” Then mother said: “no, I had some medicine right now.” then Panghai said: “you can lie on bed and sleep for a while, I can look after the brother and sister.”

For further information or to review their files please contact Kathy Junk at Wasatch.

We have used Wasatch three times and would not hesitate to use them again in the future. You may also contact me for more information.

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