Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Likes and Dislikes~

When adopting an older child there are some things you should of them is learn the language. Which we did not do.

It's very hard to communicate. He doesn't understand, we don't understand. We get by with a few words we know and sign language, but it's still hard.

Today was Gracie's field trip to the zoo with her pre school class.

It was suppossed to be fun...and for the most part it was. However Joshua doesn't like the zoo and made it known.

He did like a few of the animals, but wouldn't get out of the stroller and was happiest when he got to choose his snack at the concession stand and when we looked at the jelly fish.

He also got free sushi at the local noodle shop....which was not a good thing~ he threw a tantrum because he didn't like what I  ordered for him. But that's ok, he is still adorable.

And the language thing, it will come along....eventually. We can't imagine our lives without Joshua.

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