Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I interrupt this bloggy break because I'm trying to learn html codes and how to redo my own blog. I'm not real crazy about this design but it's my first and I am learning. What do you all think?? Please be kind, any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! I also did this one here. Which one do you like better??

We also celebrated Gracie's 2nd birthday over the weekend. And, we only have 15 days left in this house before moving on to D.C. Am I nervous and scared, you betcha!!

BTW, I lost all my favorites when I deleted the previous codes, lease leave a comment so I can get you back on my sidebar!!


Amy said...

Very cute!! I really do like it!! Was it hard? I need to learn how to do that too! The header in my blog has our referral Lexi in it (whom we discovered to have severe brain damage when we went to China) and doesn't have our daughter Presley in it. I need to figure out how to change the background. Great job!!

Mom to my China Posse said...

Hey, Good luck on the move!I have learning to do blog headers on my list of things I want to do but I am not sure if I will ever get to it. Yours looks great!

Kim said...

Great job! I like both of them! Maybe you could teach us all how to do this :-)
Looking forward to seeing you at CNY!

Jennifer O'Cain said...

I really like it and think it's great! I have recently tried to learn but I am afraid to mess up my professional blog with not knowing what I am doing. What resource did you use to learn? I found a website that explains it but haven't had the time to do it.


I am not sure how I found your blog but I have been reading it for a few months. We are PA for a 7 yr old girl from Zhuhai City SWI. I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing. Jennifer O'Cain

Tracie said...

I like them both. We are moving too, but just down the street to Bridlebrook.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Grace. We should be getting our TA in a week or two.