Wednesday, July 11, 2012


yep, that's me looking tired and getting ready to take the kiddos out to pick blueberries.

Only the Little's would pose for a picture~

And me again....way to many of me...who had the camera anyway?? oh yes, it would be oldest darling daughter...

The kids loved picking blueberries. To bad our tree's died this year...
I think they may have eaten more than they took home...

Look at all those yummy blueberry tree's!! Hope we are able to go back for more~~

And the kids' very favorite cousin was able to join us!! (and their mama, of course, who is one of my very favorite people!!)


Looks like the caterpillars got to this one before us.....

And then we went for ice cream!! Always a good thing~

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Rebecca said...

Menchi's!!! We were just there last night! YUM:)
Looks like y'all are having a great summer. We missed the blueberry season while we were in Canada this year:(