Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Need some help....

I am in a creative slump...I am a ton of ideas but am really looking for something that will sell. Something not to expensive something cute. Anyone have any ideas? And if you do, leave a comment, If I choose yours you will get my first order free!!

I do currently have this super cute apron just made, size 5 to whoever wants to purchase it. $20.00 free shipping. It's completely reversible. I am in love with it. I do have another in a size 7-8 but it still needs some finishing touches.

Gracie apron


Carey and Norman said...

Cute, cute apron. We just order ones with names embroidered from a friend who had a party (forget the actually brand).

As for items, I was trying to think of what I'd be interested in buying. Of course, I'm more into spending monies for outfits/clothing than other items. I like cute clothing for holidays. Interesting in trying to design something for Easter yet? We'd be looking for size 2 and 5/6 for boys and a 5 for a girl. Maybe a cute dress for a girl with pants (similar to the pumpkin dress) and matching pants (same material) for the boys. I can always buy polos or sweater vests to complete their outfits.

I usually buy cute or unique gifts online. You could look at shoes for infants (once walking it would be harder to make), hats, bows (I know you are already working on the headbands), etc.

Are you stitching your own 100 wishes quilt? I'd be willing to pay you to do ours. I'm even thinking of having a small blankie made instead of a large quilt. I'd love someone to take my squares and make me a blankie.

Okay...just some thoughts.

Tony and Rett said...

How about cute super hero capes? It's on my "to do" list,but it hasn't happened yet!

Just a thought! And I'd love one free!

Mandi said...

I too am in a creative slump. I am working on Mylee and Emma's Christmas dresses for them to wear to their school parties, but other than that I got nothin.

I don't usually sell the stuff I make only because I just don't have the time.

If I think of something, I will let you know.

Good luck

Julie said...

What about fleece pjs or nightgowns?

Brandi said...

How about leg warmers? I don't sew, so have no idea if they're hard or not, but they don't seem like they would be. And they can't be too expensive....

I've been thinking about purchasing some for Kalia. If you decide to make some, maybe I'll hold off & purchase from you :)