Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday Snapshot ~ Hope ~

Ni Hao Y'all

Hoep referral

How can I keep this short and sweet?? It's really impossible to do. Hope is so much more than we ever expected or realized. She is a survivor, she is strong and very determined.

hope update 2006

She had to be. Her first two years in her orphanage defined who she is today, how she reacts to things and her personality. Sure, we helped with that after she cam home. But really what she experienced in her first two years in China formed her determination.

hope gotcha

She has been through quite a bit. We brought her home to Alabama, then just one month later moved to Michigan and then two years later we moved again. She has taken it all in stride. This girl could make friends anywhere with anyone. She has very few fears. Hope loves to charge ahead. Yet, she is so in tune with everyone's feelings. She will get very upset when the boys fight. (and trust me if y'all have boys this is a frequent accurance)

Hope 2 birthday

Hope loves to help and be a "big girl". She is counting the days until she starts kindergarten. We love this girl like nothing I've ever felt. (other than the five other kiddos) She is the reason we went back to China for Grace and will travel again for Rachel. She is the child grown in my heart.



Stefanie said...

She is (and was!) SO beautiful! It sounds like all she has been through has made her into the strong, resilient, joyful little girl she is now :)
Thanks for sharing your Snapshot... even if it is Monday ;)

Tami said...


What a wonderful, touching post and tribute to your daughter. Hope is is truly beautiful....and her name suits her perfectly. Love seeing all the different ages:-).


Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Hope is so beautiful! What a blessing!!!