Friday, December 11, 2009

A Preview...

of said hot pink capes. I didn't let the Little's try them on or they would commadere them, never to be seen again. They have been watching way to much of the Dora Christmas special, you know the one with the purple capes where she dances and swishes her cape...well in our house they live , sleep and eat with these things on. I will be lucky to get to the grocery store without them today.

I know the picture is a little bright and well I did say Hot Pink.

And don't forget, the deadline for entering to win my first baby sling ends tonight. Tomorrow I will draw a winner!!

I have redone the sewing blog once again....I am going with my old standby, the pillowcase dress/top. I have included a matching headband and shipping is free. Please stop by and order one today and help us bring Rachel home!!

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RLJanisse said...

Love the cape Desiree! Let me know when they are ready, consider one sold!