Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow, Snow!!

Always the serious one. (JJ not the Baba)

Yep here in our southern part of the US we had snow, tons of glorious white snow. As a matter of fact it's still snowing right now. My kids are loving this, they fought tooth and nail on this move. Back in MI we had snow all winter. Here, well we haven't been here long enough yet, but it's looking like a great start. I just won't tell them that this isn't what usually happens in the winter here.

First snow 2009 035

Instead of traditional hot cocoa, we had chocolate, caramel peppermint apples and marshmellows!! Yummy!!

Hope y'all enjoyed your Saturday.


Kim said...

Great photos Desiree! So glad your kids are enjoying the snow! You can tell them if they still lived in Michigan they wouldn't have any snow right now. I have to admit I'm glad you have it and we don't.

Sherri said...

I miss the snow this time of year! I never get to see it - unless we take a trip during Christmas break and drive north somewhere. Enjoy that beautiful white snow!! The pictures are great!

Carey and Norman said...

Wow...we got 1 1/2 inches, but it looks like you got several more. How fun!

The apples look delicious.