Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Still confused and needing idea's

Last night may have been a creative breakthrough. However with all of your awesome idea's I went a little overboard.....

blog pictures 006

I started with a pieced quilted bib. Very cute but I need to come up with something to go with it....a changing pad or maybe a pacifier holder??

blog pictures 001

Next I went to an old standby, the pillowcase dress. Since I have started doing french seams with everything I can't seem to have any unfinished lines or messiness about my sewing. It's a terrible thing to be a neat freak.... This is one of my favorites and so easy to make. (compared to most things) If anyone wants one of these I will make one in your choice of fabrics...

blog pictures 002

Are you just loving her cute little self or what?!?!

blog pictures 005
Right back at ya babe!!

ok, ok back to the sewing. So I loved the idea of the super hero cape and just got a book (one yard wonders) with a pattern in it. Silly me though I went ahead and didn't use the pattern because I am just that stubborn. The one I came up with I am not loving. I can't seem to get past the cluttered look of an applique. Mine are also reversible and use a bit more fabric than most... I will have to tweak the pattern a bit and try again, because like I said, I love this!! (when I get it right)

blog pictures 007

Finally because you know I just don't have enough to do with five kids and one more on the way, I made a stocking for our daughter's cat.

cat stocking

Yep it's shaped like a fish and just the right size for that little bag of catnip from the big guy in the red suit.

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Denise said...

I would love a pillowcase dress for Maggie in a birthday theme for her 4th birthday. Do you have any cupcake fabric? I would also love one in any asian fabric you may have for the Spring. She is almost wearing a 4T now. And maybe bows to match each one? Let me know~