Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Snapshot ~ Rachel ~

Ni Hao Y'all

Seeing as how I have done all the kiddos except our youngest, this will be all about our baby girl.

The first time I saw her face was way back in June....I had looked through many files at the time without really thinking we would find our child or if we even wanted to continue. We had been devastated by a match with a well known agency and had it given to someone else by mistake after we had been assured the little guy was ours, but I just knew the moment I saw Rachel's eyes sparkle, she was our girl. God works things out you see and everything happens for a reason.

Most people think we are nuts, I mean come on, six kids, what are you thinking?? Especially adopting another child with special needs. I say, we are very blessed and God will not give us more than we can handle.

I think Rachel will fit in perfect. She looks inquisitive and has a knack for looking cute and getting what she wants. (yes, I know just my opinion, but from the pictures we've seen how can you not think this.)

I can not wait to bring her home and love on her, teach her to walk, read bedtime stories and give her a forever family. Our journey to Rachel has not been without it's trials, but nothing worth while ever happens easy. She is our little caboose and our final child. And we love her.

~"The decision to grow our family consists of much more than adding up noise and groceries and laundry, and guaging your tolerance to each. You also have to factor in the multiplication of hugs, the many more funny sayings, and the additional joy of witnessing each child succeed at each new phase of life" ~ Mary Osten ~ A sane woman's guide to rasing a large family.


Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, Desiree - that first picture of her!?! How did you heart not fall out of your chest! I love her little green outfit! I know the wait is long - it will feel so good to be on the home stretch and (maybe) your family will be complete with Rachel :)

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie!
We are also waiting to bring home our next child. He will be our 5th and I have always said that 6 would be a nice, round number of children. Who knows? I have learned to never say never!

Carey and Norman said...

Merry Christmas!!

I enjoyed reading about Rachel and pray you receive LOA very soon.

Sharing Life and Love said...

What a precious little face...
Hope you all get some good news for the New Year!

Chris said...

Your daughter is just precious!!!

As far as being 'crazy'...aren't we all??? Especially when we do things of God and not of the world????

We have three kids in college and are adopting our second SN daughter from China...people actually do think we are crazy!!!

I tell them that we are indeed 'crazy'....crazy for the Lord! :)

Blessings to you and your little one...can't wait until she is & sound in your arms!!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Yes. This is a command from God that we take care of these little ones. Therefore, He works things out. I look at my baby girl and realize somehow we had to be referred our little Xiao Ye Wen before we could find our Hannah Grace.

I am so sorry your heart was broken but I rejoice you have found that sweet little Rachel. She is beautiful. I pray your wait will be short and uneventful.