Monday, December 14, 2009

Snapshot Sunday ~ The Little's ~

They possess a special bond, a unique ying ~ yang relationship.

We worried about going back to China so soon after H came home but you know I think she needed this, a sister like her, another little to run with and share secrets.

These two are inseparable. Wherever you find one, the other is not far behind. And J, well she is the younger of the two but you'd never know it by her personality. She is the protector. You can not get anything past her.

H is the super sensitive one, the one to give hugs and cry with you.

As we are about to go back to China for one more little the same thoughts race through my mind, will they mesh as well as these two? Is there room for one more? How will our family have to change to incorporate one more little? But you know what, it all boils down to Love. We have enough for one more, there is room in our hearts and house for another daughter and God has blessed us immensely.

There will be changes and personalities will clash at first but, we have the love and patience to make it work. And just like the dance the Little's do now, we will find our rhythm again and it will be beautiful!!

Ni Hao Y'all


Julie said...

That is so great they mesh so well. Eric and Matty are the same way. Matty leads Eric into all kind of trouble:)

Football & Fried Rice said...

I love that they have each other!

And God will bless you & them with Rachel and the "new" normal" that will ensue!! It will probably be different, but nothing God isn't big enough for!

Dita said...