Sunday, November 2, 2008

So much going on....

I have no idea where to begin. Some things I can share, other's I can not. First things first the kids had a great time trick or treating, especially because we had only five kids come to our house and they get to share the rest of our candy!!! I really miss the days of the cute costumes the boys used to wear. The ones chosen this year were pretty scary. I think next year I will go to our church Trunk or Treat instead!!

G has her surgery on Tuesday. We go Monday for the pre surgery testing. I am a little nervous. G's healing process is very, very slow. So I have no idea what to expect. Please lift her up in prayer. She is going to be in pain and not a happy camper. I will also be on my own, Kerry will be staying home watching the other kids. This will be a true bonding experience for us. I hope it goes well. She still prefers Kerry to me.

The other things going on, well can't really say yet. But it's all good. (I hope)

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Tami said...

Saying a special prayer for Gracie.

I've been visiting my favorite blogs and seeing all these 'cute, adorable' costumes....and thinking were my boys the only ones to dress up scary??? Thanks for making me feel and I were on feeling the same way this Halloween!!!

BTW, thanks for all your wise words!

Sending hugs!