Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There hasn't been much to post about lately. Well, maybe that isn't true. How about I be honest and say I just haven't had the heart to post? That would be more in line with what I'm feeling.

We did hear from the benefits people at GM. They have gone ahead and approved the reimbursement for the adoption. We didn't qualify for all of it but that is ok. Something is better than nothing. Supposedly the money will be in the end of the month pay check. (we'll see)

Yes, I do seem a little cynical towards K's employer. They have continually treated our adopted kids as less than our bio kids. Not sure why, but I am angry. My two girls are just as much a part of me as the other three. Why should they be treated differently? When I had my first child we received a beautiful cookie arrangement and flowers. They added her to the benefits immediately and nothing else was said. With Hope we were given piles of paper work, and no insurance card for a while, with Grace it was worse. We had more paper work, letters from the benefits dept. stating that if we didn't provide a SS# she would be removed from the policy. Oh, and the most lovely official letter stating that Hope would be removed also. (two years after her adoption was finalized!!)

As of now we are still waiting to hear from them about Grace's benefits. I am sure they will kick it back and require something else.

Grace's recovery is coming along. I am a little disappointed in her nose. It has fallen completely flat again. Her lip which was redone has scared badly. The reason he wanted to redo everything was to remove the old scar and bump but it has come back. Her palate looks good from what I can see. She has some white matter on the roof of her mouth. Not sure what it is??? (any btdt palate moms out there?)

She is wanting to eat everything again so I know she is feeling better. The only draw back....she will not sleep anymore. I have tried putting her back in her crib with no luck. I feel like I am holding her 24 hours a day. She will not go to anyone else but me. Now, I know this is a good thing but the drawbacks are that if I am not within site of her, or within touching distance she will throw a tantrum. Not just an ordinary one either, she will go all out and bang her head against the floor or whatever is close and hit things including the other kids. Is this normal? I am putting this all out there in case some of you have any experience like this.

The kids and I are trying many different gluten free cookie recipes for Christmas. I think we found a keeper. This is from The Kid Friendly Allergy Cookbook. It's call "O wee o's". They are very good. The cookie is a little crisp with rich fudgy flavor, the frosting I made a little sweeter and tastes very good. I can only eat about three before feeling the sugar rush. They are so yummy!! I didn't put another one on top like the traditional ore*o's because I think they are too rich for that.

Just so you know, everything is not all doom and gloom, we do have some good news but I will save that for another day......


Mom To Six said...

Glad to hear you received SOME reimbursement back. I've definitely been there.

As to your little one's nose being flat again. Our surgeon refused to do Kai's nose until he has his bone graft surgery. He says that without bone in gumline, there is nothing holding up the nostril and gravity will soon force it to flatten again.

As to the "white stuff". Those are dissolvable stitches and tissue. A few little spots took almost 8 weeks to completely disappear from Kai's palate.

Hope this helps...


Julie said...

I am so excited to hear your good news. I am following Grace's recovery closely. We will soon be following in your shoes. I hope the insurance thing works out soon.