Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Far from wordless wednesday.....

Ok, I need to vent. I am so angry it isn't even funny. We are fighting right now with my husbands employer. here is the situation. We are trying to get her on benefits and apply for the reimbursement program he is entitled to. (about $5000 before taxes.)

Kerry traveled alone for Grace. Therefore we have to submit for a certificate of citizenship in order to have her new name on the social security card. I called the USCIS and MI is taking 18-24 mths to approve and send these out. So I went to the ss office and pleaded my case. They gave Grace a ss card but in her chinese name (Xin Jie) because she is not a full citizen yet.

We needed this in order to put her on the benefits and apply for reimbursement. Hi company will be ending the reimbursement program as of 12/31/08.
Our benefits people also said they need this # or they would n't pay for her benefits anymore after 12 mths. So here is the problem. They will not accept her chinese name on her ss card. Her chinese name is still part of her name and Kerry did legally adopt her. I am not sure what to do. Any attorneys here that can explain what we need to do? BTW, the lady in charge of this is claiming that there are two other people employed with them that traveled alone and did not need the C of C to get a new legal name on their ss card. Now we know this isn't true but what do you do??

I did call the USCIS and the SS office. They suggested I apply for welfare benefits. Are you kidding me???? I can get those for Grace but not employee benefits which we are entitled to???

I am fuming mad and really just want to go sit in a corner and cry. What else can go wrong????


Steve and Jan said...

Man-O-Man!!! That makes me angry too!!! I refuse to believe his company is right in doing this!! No matter what, I would go ahead and apply for the C of C. I know it's expensive AND they say it's going to take a long time, but I would go ahead and do it anyway. I WISH, WISH, WISH you guys were still in Alabama...J-E's paperwork flew through every system and he had his C of C VERY fast. This is the order I did everything...first re-adoption in the State of Alabama, received his Alabama Birth Certificate (in his American name), applied for his C of C and received it in 3 months (even though everyone said it would take about 6 months), then took that (and all other docs) to the SS office, received his SS card in his American name in about 10 days. I'll email you and send you my new phone/address info, if you have any questions.

I DO NOT appreciate it when agencies/companies treat our children like they are not our children and/or "second-class" citizens!!!! Makes me fuming mad!!


Tami said...

Sorry can't offer any help here....wondering if you've made any headway with this situation since you've posted about this?

Depending on when we get a referral and travel, I may have to go over alone if John can't that much vacation at one time....just wondering what I'm in for insurance wise if that happens?