Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping

Well, I was up and out the door late around 6am. If we would have been in Ohio this year my mom would have had me up and out around 5. Good thing we stayed home because both girls and one little man decided to stay up with night terrors until around 2am. Targ*et was packed, I was not expecting that at all. I waited in line for an hour for one item. I didn't mind, it was a great deal and I also got a $15.00 gift card!!

Next stop, the mall. Just as busy. We wondered aimlessly for about an hour and then headed to my favorite fast food stop. Pei We*i. Yummy!!!

We still were not finished and stopped at borders for hot cocoa and a snack. When I mean we, I mean myself, H and H. Yes, I took little H. She was great, she stayed awake the whole time and was such a good girl. We finally made it home around 2 and put jammies on and ordered pizza. Good news is I am finished with Christmas shopping!!

I really expected it to not be so busy. With all the doom and gloom you hear on the news, I thought things would be pretty calm and quiet. Not so here. It was pretty crazy and I was stuck in traffic at one point at 7:30 in the morning.

I would like to give a special shout out to my husbands wonderful company, who came through and did give us the adoption reimursement. Yeah GM!!

And this has nothing to do with the post but I thought this video of the girls was adorable. G has come a long way!!


Julie said...

I love the video. The girls are too cute.

Steve and Jan said...

Wow! You are one brave woman to get out on Black Friday with two little ones!

Sorry about the night terrors....I know what that's like. I hope tonight is better.

The girls are so cute!


JeanneC said...

She really loves being JUST LIKE her sisters, doesn't she?