Friday, November 21, 2008

Exciting News!!!!

But I can't tell what it is yet!! So frustrating. Anyone want to guess?

And no it doesn't have to do with the picture. I just bought new online scrapbooking stuff and had to try some out.


Tracie said...

Your moving back South.

Steve and Jan said...

Are you moving to Austin??? :-)

Or, maybe adopting that 13 year old girl????

Okay...I give up!! Please tell me...I won't be able to sleep!

Jan :-)

Barbie said...

Hmmmm. I have no idea so please hurry up and tell us!! Love the sisters scrapbook page. Darling!!

Tami said...

I THINK I might know....but I'm not going to say because I've had some inside info;-). Can't wait to see if what I'm thinking is right!

~~ said...

Your scrapbook pages are just adorable! You should put together Lifebooks on the side. Hope your move goes well!