Thursday, November 13, 2008

Older Waiting Children Available

There are some very beautiful kids waiting for their forever families with several agencies. The first one I am posting about is with CWA. She is 13 and ages out in February. You will have to visit through the link and watch her video. It is heartbreaking. She is crying and really wants a family. She knows that she ages out soon. I would adopt her in a heartbeat if we could but it just isn't possible right now. Please someone, open your heart and pray for this child. She really needs a chance to be a part of someone's family.

13 year old girl waiting (Hope child 11, with CWA)

The other kids are with Asia. They range in age from 3-10 with various special needs. The little girl Kylie is so adorable. Again, I would adopt her in a heartbeat if we could. I am hoping someone will read this and inquire about just one of these kids. Don't let finances stop you. There are many programs available to help. You could also apply for grants or fundraise. Nothing is impossible!! You will have to either call or email Marci at Asia. Her email is:

Waiting Child: Kylie
Sex: F
Age: 3
Special Need: Abnormal DST

Waiting Child: Jayne
Age: 10 Years
Sex: F
Special Need: Thalessemia, possible Hep B

Waiting Child: Chase
Sex: F
Age: 4
Special Need: Cleft Microblepharia (eye lids too tight)

Waiting Child: Shawn
Sex: M
Age: 6 1/2
Special Need: Repaired Tetra logy of Fallot, Thumb Deformity and Missing Left Thumb, Repaired Inguinal Hernia.


Jill said...

I would take that sweet 13 year old girl in a heartbeat if I thought we would be accepted. What a shame, such a sweet thing!

Keisha said...

ok.. you've got me crying! They are ALL precious!! Just Precious. I'll be praying for these children. thanks for sharing!