Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Change of Subject

ASIA has some super cute boys ready and waiting for a family. Some have significant special needs and one little boy I have fallen in love with has a minor special need. (according to me)
This is probably their last chance at finding a family.

He is so cute!! He is almost three. Here is his description. I can't post a picture but you may contact Marci and ask for the password to view it.

Cal is a very lovely and cute boy. He has an outgoing personality and likes to play with toys and play with other children. Cal could walk at 1 year slowly without help and liked to watch television. At 15 months he liked to follow adults and talk and was fond of picture books. He liked to imitate adults to talk and sing. At 20 months he could identify his nose, mouth, eyes, ears and eyebrow. Now he is learning to talk, sing and put on clothes and pants without help. He had a chromosome test, which showed no abnormality.

Marci Siegel-Kittrell
Director of Social Services

As for our news, it may have to wait until after the Thanksgiving Break until an official announcement at DH's work. Some of you are right on the money though....

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