Monday, September 20, 2010

We went a walking...

and ended up somewhere in western Virgina. It was unexpected and unplanned but so much fun.

The farm was a great stopping point and had homemade ice cream. Even for me being lactose intolerant the lemon chiffon was a could actually taste the lemon oils and pulp. So yummy.

Rachel enjoyed just bopping around and exploring. But she did taste every one's ice cream and chips and licorice and....

Hannah had the strawberry, it was even better than the lemon, if that is possible..

Grace of course is my chocolate girl.

Jake, he's our big boy. He had a super scoop of peppermint in a waffle cone. Pure yummyness with pieces of candy chunks.

The Little's enjoyed stopping every few feet to pick flowers and leaves with their mama.

And Rachel? She enjoyed stopping every step and just enjoying everything. She is my explorer, a girl after my own heart, just taking in EVERYTHING.

Isn't it gorgeous??

My princess, who didn't like the woods. She kept saying mama it's dirty and my shoes are getting ruined.

But she did like sitting on the rocks, as long as she didn't get sand, dirt or leaves in her shoes.

My three Little's all holding hands. Looking out for each other.

And the leader of the pack Hannah, showing us the way...

Tried to get a pose of the whole fam, but it didn't really work. With six kids, you just can't get them to all look or sit still at the same time.

Hope's Caterpillar. She wouldn't touch it though and Rachel wanted to eat it. LOL

My little poser. Every time he sees a camera he puts on the pose. I think he is destined for Hollywood. And his teacher's keep telling him that being an actor isn't a good career aspiration...sigh

All in all a great Sunday afternoon. Hope yours was relaxing as well. Here's to a good week!!

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