Saturday, September 25, 2010

~Sunday Snapshot~ Results

If you have been reading along for awhile here, you know what we've been dealing far as testing and research for Rachel.

It's been a long road, with appointments and specialists galore.

With no results. Me, being me, I researched on my own. I didn't feel the need to keep driving all over creation for the specialists to tell me to come back again and again.

Simply, I felt to keep billing our insurance. When I knew from my research, just one thing, one simple blood test would be all it took.

I went to my regular doctor and I requested this . She is amazing and will listen without judgement and then if I have a good suggestion, go with it.

What Rachel needed was this, a chromosomal karatype. Something very simple. Something that would save time, energy, money and needless other testing. A simple order from our doctor for a bood test. Something that would test our precious angel for over 130 different syndromes.

We have waited three weeks for the results. We have done research and looked into the two specific special needs we thought she may have. We were prepared. Nothing they could say would change how we feel for our beautiful girl though, regardless of the outcome.

After all, we had prayed for her and waited over a year to bring her home. She is ours, it didn't matter to us if she had some silly syndrome. What result on a piece of paper would change our love for her, our commitment or our passion to see that she gets everything out of life that she deserves?


not a single thing. We are her parents. Period. We will love her to the ends of earth and fight for our girl. End of story.

So, when I heard the phone ring on Friday and saw it was the doctor, I won't lie, I was nervous and scared, because with the two special needs we were told she may have, it would mean life changing things, but the one single sentence she said just made me break down and cry and fall on my knees.

"You have a 100% normal geneticly female girl."

And we do. Even if the results had been different, even if we had to make changes and adjust our lifestyle she would still be our child. One of our precious angel babies.

She will still need several surgeries throughout her life for her special needs that we did know about but we will get through that with prayer and patience. And now we are educated about other special needs for whatever else may happen along .....

"Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they're not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes. " ~Anonymous~

Ni Hao Y'all


mom2three said...

ooohhh Desiree, I just cried along with you. I am so excited to hear that there is nothing genetically different with Rachel. Not that this would change your love, as it wouldn't have ours either, but that she is just perfectly healthy. So good to hear this..all of us have been waiting ;) BIG hugs!!

Nancy said...

I just stumbled on your blog, so I haven't been reading along. But WOW! This is such wonderful news. And a gorgeous girl! Thank you for being real and sharing.
Nancy-of the crazy 8

Daisy Dreams said...

What precious photos!! Working in a NICU and seeing parents holding their breath, waiting for genetic test results to return, I can only imagine your huge sigh of relief!

And I almost couldn't believe it when I got to the quote at the bottom of your post....this is my FB status I used early this morning! What a coincidence!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Wow, Desiree. I know, no matter what, you would have embraced the news knowing that we serve a God who is so much bigger than any "syndrome"!

All the same, I am happy to know that is one less obstacle for sweet Rachel to overcome. All the praise goes to HIM who fearfully & wonderfully made your girl!

Wendy said...

So happy for you all!

Jennifer and Greg said...

Thanks for sharing your story.

She is precious and I love the grin on the last picture. Too cute!


Tami said...

Oh Desiree! What WONDERFUL news:-).

Yes, more than once I've heard a 'mama's intuition and common sense' can beat an 'MD' after a name and even a specialty degree. It happened to me with Sophie and her positive TB test. After THREE doctors looking at the skin test results and saying to be safe she needed to go on the 9+ months of antibiotic therapy...I researched and found out there was a blood test available that would answer 100% if she was truly exposed to TB, or was her reaction just from the immunization. PTL, it came out negative!!!! She was totally fine.

Sending you ALL love, hugs and always prayers,

The Ferrill's said...

Praise God, Desiree! that is wonderful news and I know even if it had been different news, we would still praise God! Rachel is perfect! ;)

Olivia's Mom said...

Praise Him!

Olivia's Mom said...

Praise Him!