Friday, September 17, 2010

A little all over the place ~

So many things going on this week...Hope is adjusting to kindergarten ok. She seems to really like it and enjoys riding the bus, but we have had a stressful week and she got her first yellow slip this week.

Now, my thoughts are she was pretty upset on Wednesday and hadn't slept well. She will sometimes talk to herself when upset. This is something she has always done and I had explained it to the teacher. Not sure what exactly happened as it wasn't explained very well, but she got her yellow slip. I felt terrible for her, she was so upset she actually threw up when telling me about it.

We've had many doctors appointments this week and last. I finally just asked our regular doctor to do all the genetics testing, otherwise we would be waiting until March of next year to even be seen. Which is just not an option.
The tests were last long week ago and still no results. Nothing. I have called and they are sure to let me know when it all comes in. I am anxiously waiting. The longer it takes the more scenarios go through my mind....
It really won't make a difference what the tests say, but it would be nice to know. Just so we know how to proceed with treating her special needs.
Now, just look at that smile!!It's only been a little over two months but goodness, Rachel seems to have been a part of me forever. She and I are pretty tight. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Holly said...

big hugs. Sometimes I just have no words.

mom2three said...

Oh my her smile is contagious!! I love it :)

Julie said...

Poor Hope! She is in kindergarten, can't they give her a break? It is the beginning of the year too.

I sure hope you find something out soon.

Tripp & Andrea said...

I just wanted to say that I enjoy following your blog. I live in Virginia too, but close to Richmond. I am sorry that it has been hard to settle down here. How long have you been here? It seems that you live in a "bedroom" community, which may be part of why it is hard? I hope you meet more people that you have more in common with.