Friday, October 10, 2008

What to do...... and a contest for busy moms

We have been back in the North for almost two years. We lived in the Deep South for almost three previously and in the North before that. J has always been sick the minute fall set in when we have lived in the North. He gets crusty eyes a deep cough, bronchitis and then pneumonia along with frequent ear infections. In the South he almost never got sick. Obviously that's not the point but thought I'd mention it. Anyway, he is sick again today and also missed Tuesday. This will make 7 or 8 days missed and it's only October. He is the oldest boy in his class so being held back would be awful for him if it came to that.

I'm not sure if the school is part of the reason he is always sick. Last year we had many issues with the school, ending with me getting in discussions with the Principal. I was not the only one that had issues, so I know it wasn't just me. This is supposed to be one of the better school districts in the state we live in, we pay out the nose for it. My other two that have been in the school have not had issues, although the principal told me she only hears of the bad kids and didn't know my middle son. Bad kids, since when is a kindergartner a bad kid? J never talks when he isn't supposed to and listens, he has had consistent good grades. OK, again I digress.

My point is, I would love to send him to the Christian school across the street but who has the money to do that anymore? I would try homeschooling, but that also costs money we don't have and do I really want to risk screwing it up?? If I do something wrong, he may not be able to go to college. Now it would only be a couple years, J is in second grade and I would send him to the middle school which we are very happy with. But and that is a big but, what about the Minni's? I couldn't send them to the elementary school either. What a dilemma. Any suggestions???

Do any of you homeschooling mom's have advice on where to begin? I have spent the afternoon looking around the net and am now more confused than ever. I think I can do this and it would also benefit the girls, but where do I begin??

This is what would happen if I did home school, G's hair would be out of control and she is missing her socks and Jammie pants : )

There is a great contest going on right now at 5 minutes for mom. I would love to win the summer breeze set in blueberry for C. He shares a set with his brother right now but at 10 I think he needs his own space. This picture is one of my favorites, it is from a few years ago but with two more kids in the mix you get the idea. We need more beds.


Steve and Jan said...

My suggestion....Tell your sweet husband you have to move to Austin, Texas! Steve says he feels much better living there AND they are suppose to have great public schools! :-)

Wish I was more help, but that's all I can offer.

BTW, LOVED G's hair-do! :-)


Julie said...

I hope you can find the answer you are looking for. Homeschooling can be expensive, but there are ways to make it cheaper. It is so worth it. Many kids do better than their peers on the placement tests.

Gracie is beautiful as always.

Mike and Rhonda said...

I say move back to Alabama!!!! Would love to see you back here in the south.