Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Fun and an update....

This weekend was a cold one. Snow is expected tomorrow. Seriously. This is only October too. I am not ready at all.

Saturday we spent aimlessly roaming and ended up on a long dirt road with no plans and ran into the most amazing Farm. They have pumpkins, hayrides, barns, animals, play scapes, corn mazes and a store. We took a wagon ride to pick pumpkins and had cider and donuts, well the kids did, me I am still on a gluten free diet : (

The day after Thanksgiving they will be having Mr. and Mrs. Clause pictures and Christmas trees you can cut yourself. How fun does that sound??? The people that owned the farm were such nice warm Christian people. One of the sons and his wife were interested in China adoption and I of course was able to share our story and let them know about the world of waiting children.

Looks real, doesn't it?? It was actually water and a fake cow!!

These were fake too, they are made out of wood.
Doesn't she look real???

Almost forgot the update part. If you noticed the previous post it said that I had requested the file of a thirteen year old girl. Well, we are not adopting again. Sadly with the economy and the way things are we just can't. We are done. I feel blessed to have been chosen to be the mom of H and G. They are truly beautiful girls. As much as I would like to adopt once more it is just not going to happen.

The thirteen year old still waits..... won't you please open your hearts and consider her as your child? She is beautiful and really wants a mom and dad. Per C*hina rules she will not be eligible for adoption after her 14th birthday. She will not have many prospects if she continues to live in the orphanage. If you would like more info please email me.

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