Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jammie Day Fun

Today was a perfect day to relax in our jammies. Yes, all day!! I even took the older kids to school in them. (luckily I didn't have to get out of the car) The girls really needed this and so did I. We accomplished so much. I changed the furniture around in the dinette area and the dining room, finished a couple sewing projects, trimmed the girls' hair and we even made m&m cookies!! I also day dreamed about vacation plans in February, any ideas people???

Grace still has a bit of a cold and cough so not going anywhere probably will do her some good. The attachment is getting better, but I tell you if you are contemplating not going when the time comes I would highly encourage you to think twice. It does help to be there during the initial meeting. I To Grace I am the meany that Baba handed her off to before heading back to work. I am also the one that took her to get shots, had to sit with her through the hospital during her bout with pneumonia and endless other terrible things. It is so hard to see her reject me but I am very patient and hanging in there. She will eventually want me to comfort her and I will be waiting.

They are finally starting to get along, won't be long now before they gang up on me. LOL

I am currently on a reversible pinafore kick, but they are cute right?? The fabric is leaves on one side and Thanksgiving print on the other. The denim skirt is made from an old pair of my jeans that no longer fit.

This is the crazy hair before the cut.....

And then the after, so much better. I don't think I cut it to crooked and you must ignore the cheesy crackers in her mouth.

This is Gracie's infamous "prayer face". She does this when we hold hands to pray before meals. She then holds her hand up to her face and giggle. I am not fast enough with the camera to catch that yet.

And finally, just when I thouhgt the sickness had left the house, Caleb comes home from school with pink eye!! Ugh, on to the doctors again...I think this is trip # 8 in the past three weeks...


Tracie said...

I know how you are feeling about being rejected by your child. J did not like me or want me for a long time. He only wanted his daddy and I was the meany one at home. I know it will get better soon, but it does take time. I pray Grace will come around fast to your loving arms for comfort.

The Ferrill's said...

Pajama days are the BEST! Quan was the one who preferred Daddy...but I soon became the food lady and so he learned to be nice to me REAL quick! ;) It definitely does take remind me of that in a few weeks when I am crying over this again with a new child! ;)
Oh, and the post turtle was a hoot! LOVE IT!