Monday, October 27, 2008

Surgery Date Set......maybe

G's surgery is set for November 4. It all depends on IF she feels better, IF my mom can come up and watch the other kids and IF Kerry can get a day off work. That's alot of IF's. We are going to need you prayer warriors out there.

G has been sick off and on since we brought her home back in September. She seems to have caught everything!! That is not uncommon for foreign adopted children but I could really use a break and some sleep. Luckily the other kids with the exception of J have been pretty healthy.

Now, here is the looong list of things the surgeons will be doing on Tuesday.

* nose realignment

* ear tubes

* palate closure

* lip revision

And after all this she will be released the next day. Are you kidding me???? Wow, I hope she heals fast. So much for me getting some rest. But, this isn't about me. It's about my little girl and I will do anything to make her better. She needs this surgery. Her poor little ears are always filled with fluid and that has got to be painful.

So, on Tuesday next week while all of you are out voting, please say a little prayer for my sweet G. She will be hurting and could use some extra prayers.

This video is from saturday and I thought it was to cute. You can hear H i asking her Baba is he is strong enough to lift her pumkin.


Kim said...

We will certainly be lifting you all up in prayer! We really need to get together some day. Maybe when things slow down for you ang Gracie is on the mend. She sure is a cutie!

Tami said...

beautiful picture of Grace! I pray she gets/stays well for the surgery, and things go smoothly for everyone. Keep us posted!

Tracie said...

I can not believe they are doing all of that is one surgery. We will be praying for her to get well and get the surgery over it. G will bounce back face from the surgery. Kids still amaze me with how well they do with surgery.

Mike and Rhonda said...

I too will be lifting you guys up in prayer. Hopefully after surgery all of you guys can get some sleep.

Steve and Jan said...


We will be praying for G as she has her surgery. I wish I was closer so I could help you.


Barbie said...

I will be praying! It was a little over a year ago that Ryan was having his surgery to close his palate. He ended up spending two nights in the hospital because he was not drinking anything yet. It took awhile for his pain to become manageable. I will pray for Gracie and the doctors. It is a difficult time but it is so amazing what doctor's can do for these precious kids!!

Julie said...

I will be praying for Gracie. I hope you get some rest too.