Monday, October 13, 2008

Home 5 weeks...

It's amazing to think that G has only been home for 5 weeks. When I first saw her she was this tiny little girl that didn't show any emotion. She wanted only her Baba. She cried very little, even when she fell down after trying to walk. She had a rough start once home. We started out day 3 at the doctors and from there the hospital with pneumonia.
She had to endure multiple medications and tests, yet she was a trooper, never complaining. Five weeks later, she is always happy. She smiles, will go to me or her Dad and loves her brothers and sisters. She eats anything and everything. I am also happy to report she will now cry when hurt or when she wants something. Those of you that have adopted children know how important this is.

She has many more surgeries ahead of her but we will get through them. She is a precious gift and we will treasure her and nurture her. I feel so blessed to have been able to adopt not just one child but two. It is amazing what God can do if you only stop and listen.


Keisha said...

Great Picture Mom!!!
What a Blessing, she looks very happy and content!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Saw you on NiHaoY'all and had to click over becuase I saw your pic of your cute family and I love finding other big families!!
We have 7 under 12.. 4 bio, 2 home from China and we are traveling to bring our son home from china in a month!

You daughter is adorable! Glad to hear she is doing well!



JeanneC said...

When is Grace scheduled for surgery?