Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not me Monday on a Thankful Thursday....

Ok, I know it's Thursday but this is so fitting for Not me Monday!!

I did not just request the file of a 13 year old girl from China. I did not do this w/o my husbands permission. I did not just fall in love with her picture, and I most definitely did not inquire about fees and such.

What am I thinking?? We just got home two months ago and are totally broke from G's adoption. She is totally adorable though and at 13 will age out in about 7 mths. This is her last list and last opportunity for adoption. Somebody, anybody??? I would in a heart beat but have a most reluctant darling husband and no $$.


Julie said...

One more heading your way.

Barbie said...

Wow! I have often thought about adopting an older child. But we truly are finished. Keep us updated!!

Steve and Jan said...

That is so funny! You better watch out, pretty soon your sweet husband is going to cut the cord to your computer :-)

Seriously though, I know how hard it is to stop looking; say "no" to a child that needs a just can't turn your head and pretend they aren't there. And, you look at your own children and say to yourself, "What if I had said 'no' to one of their adoptions. They wouldn't be here bringing joy and laughter to our family."

I say all that to say, I understand completely why you are still looking at all the lists. I do it too and we are in the middle of an out-of-state move and broke from all our previous adoptions. Mom always used to say, "Where there's a will, there's a way." So, who knows what God has in store for us :-)

Hugs from Alabama -- soon to be Texas :-(


Tami said...

Wow....with God, nothing is impossible. Praying you and Kerry 'hear' God's voice in this decision. God bless:-).

Rebecca said...

I still look at waiting lists... even though we don't even have Owen home yet!!! I am addicted to these sweet children. Maybe God had you request this little girl's file, so somebody would see this post and she would find her family.