Saturday, August 2, 2008

A weekend alone....

OK, so this is my first weekend alone since, well, I can't remember. How old is my oldest? Maybe 12 years. Wow, what to do?

First, I stayed up until 2 am painting the cabinets in our study. The lady we bought the house from ruined them by painting a metallic sponge paint in various gold, coppers and silver...yuck!!

So, I went to Home depot and bought a nice creamy white and there you go, all pretty again. Now, about the desk to home depot again....

And Kerry, if you are reading this, sorry but you do know I can't stand to sit still and have nothing to do...

I also created this really pretty outfit for Hope out of a romantic floral print. I got the pattern book here, it's all in Japanese but pretty self explanatory if you know how to sew. She can wear it now without a shirt underneath and again in the fall and winter with a shirt and a different pair of pants. (those are capri's) Maybe I will make another pair of pants that are longer.

I was thinking of offering to sell this outfit but frankly it took so long to make, I just don't know. It wasn't difficult just time consuming. What do y'all think? The top is reversible and I added pockets. The original pattern wasn't and of course didn't have pockets.


Rebecca said...

That is a really cute outfit. Love how swingy and loose it is - looks very comfortable!!

I'm with you, I can't just do NOTHING. And doing stuff to my house is very relaxing for me! I love to paint. I'm just gearing up to start painting my kids' bedrooms!


Tami said...

Wow, we both got weekends to ourselves, and we're both painting!

Doesn't it feel great to accomplish something without interruptions?!

I also stayed up much later than I usually do.......I think I just don't want to waste any of this precious ALONE time!