Monday, August 25, 2008

He has Gracie!!!

I couldn't sleep well last night and kept getting up to check the Internet. Nothing. Kerry had said he would call at 8am my time but when I looked at the computer it said he was online with Sk*ype. I couldn't wait any longer and called. He was sitting with Gracie on his lap and she is beautiful!! There is nothing like a good morning happy cry!! She looks good and was very curious. I spoke to her and said "mama". She seemed to crave Kerry's attention and really liked it when he kissed her forehead. She kept moving back into him for more.

Kerry will be calling his mom and then updating our travel blog here .


The Ferrill's said...

Oh Desiree I've got chills from head to toe! My heart is so full! Thank you God!
I will check back in tonight for another update...maybe more details? We will be gone most of the day and night...
Desiree! I am SO excited!
And I know you CAN get a SS # w/out the cert. of cit. I know someone who did it, no problems.
And oh my goodness at the hornets! YIKES!
Okay, but enough about all that! YOU HAVE A BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And she is a DOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JeanneC said...

How awesome is that that Kerry has Grace???? I'm so excited for you!

Julie said...

Congrats on your new baby girl!!!! I am so excited for you. I know how much you longed for this day. It is here!!! I am just so excited for you.

BTW, you can get a ss# with her green card.

Tami said...

Oh Desiree! She's so beautiful! I can't believe THE DAY is really here! So happy to hear she's bonding so well with her
daddy:-). Your heart must be BEYOND full!

P.S. Good day all around.....John got a job offer this morning! Praise the Lord:-).

Praise and Coffee said...

I want another one too!!! What a darling Baoji babe!