Friday, August 22, 2008

Fuming Mad!!!

OK, I do not need the added stress right now but we just found out the my husbands employer will not cover Gracie immediately. Isn't this illegal?? I am so mad. I have all her doctors appts. ready, her surgery scheduled, everything!! They said they need a SS# and her MI birth Cert. to process her and then they will add her after the next month. WHAT??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I am not traveling so we will not get the C of C or the Birth Cert. or the SS# right away. And those of you that live in MI know that the process takes FOREVER!! Again, isn't this illegal to deny benefits?? This could take six monthes or longer. How am I going to get through this? Grace will probably come home with Giardia, all the kids from this province have, Hope did. The meds aren't covered anyway but still the labs, the doctors visits......

I am so angry right now!! Anyone who has btdt have any suggestions???


JeanneC said...

Yes, I would think that is illegal. I know with Abigail she was considered "covered" the day we adopted her, even though there was no paperwork, they said the insurance would back date to the adoption day.This can't be right. Is there someone ELSE to talk to about this at GM? How about your agency? Do they have any suggestions or thoughts?

Michele S. said...

From what we were told with Kaytlin, the insurance company cannot deny coverage. Adoption is covered just as the birth of a new child would be covered. They also cannot count her medical needs as pre-existing.
I actually pulled this link for a family on the AMC site. Hope it helps.

Mike and Rhonda said...

Oh Desiree! So when a baby is born in MI do they immediately have a SS#. I think in Alabama it takes a few days to get the SS# and the certified birth cert. So probably true in MI so how do bio babies get coverage.

There is a law that prohibits noncoverage of "pre-existing" illnesses. It is called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA for short.

I called our insurance company regarding this issue and was told the same thing that Jeannec said.

So sorry that this is happening, especially right now.

Tami said...

I think it's Fed. Law that as long as a birth or adopted child is added to an insurance policy within 30 days of birth/adoption, the child would be covered. I'm so sorry to hear must be beyond stressful. Worst case scenario I would think it would be retroactive once she gets a SS#, but you would have to pay out of pocket until then...which I can imagine is probably looking pretty daunting.

I would talk to your insurance carrier again, and ask to be bumped up to at least a supervisor. The Insurance co. must have encountered this situation before. Hey, I was just thinking... when you give birth to a child, that child doesn't have a SS# right probobaly weren't, or wouldn't be required to pay out of pocket when having a biological child, right! This should be handled the same way. I would think all the insurance Co. needs is some form of documentation verifying the adoption.

Something definitely doesn't sound right.

Keep us posted, and I'll be praying.

The Ferrill's said...

This reminds me of the DAY before Quan's palate surgery I got a call from the doctor saying he would not be covered because he had to be on our insurance a certain amount of time before major surgery, blah blah blah.
Turns out it was a mistake with the way Rob's employer had listed us on their insurance and it was fixed within hours, thank the Lord. But Desiree, I feel your pain. I feel sure this is a big mistake. Maybe if you talk to someone else with human resources at your husband's employer (that's what we had to do) they can set everything straight. Your baby has to BY LAW be covered with your insurance. With our situation, the mistake involved thinking this adoption was a domestic adoption and that the child may be covered by previous parent's insurance still, etc. It was just a big mix-up. I pray this is all figured out very quickly...
Yes, and all we had to give Rob's employer when we got home from China was the adoption certificate and paperwork, no SS#. They did ask for that, but of course we didn't have it yet so they just said when you get their SS# let us know what it is.
Praying peace for you! And lots of chocolate! ;) (That always helps me, anyway!)

Steve and Jan said...


I am sure they have to cover her from her placement date. That person is giving you incorrect information. You or Kerry need to talk to someone else. I think the other poster is correct, you have 30 days after placement to add her. Steve did all that, but I can ask him if he remembers.

I know you're going to worry until this is cleared up, but try not to let this take the joy out of bringing Gracie home. The insurance stuff will work itself out.

Do you have access to your benefits on-line? Maybe you can review your benefits booklet yourself.


Barbie said...

Yes it is illegal as long as you have group insurance. I would make a huge fuss about it with your insurance company and report them if they don't comply.