Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still no word....

from Kerry. I don't expect to hear from them until Monday morning. Right now they are just getting off the NW flight into Guangzhou. They will spend a quick 6 hours in a hotel and then fly to Xian, from there it will be rushed. Check in to the hotel and then get Grace. I wouldn't be surprised if she is waiting at the hotel for them . This Orphanage has four or five babies coming so one less in a hotel room......

I feel bad for the foster mom, she is losing at least two of her babies that I know of and possibly more. I can't imagine the pain she must be feeling. Please say a prayer for her if y'all have time.

Now onto the comments.
First, GM doesn't make a bus, at least not for regular old customers. Even if they did we could probably not afford one. LOL We do have a Tahoe but it fits seven people, enough for our family and yes, we could squeeze Kerry's Dad in for the ride home from the airport, but the where would the luggage go? I think it might be easier to just get a van to pick everybody up. (me and the kids included because I am not going to miss this for the world!!)

The nest is actually a hornets nest, and I am not sure if we are allergic or not. I would guess that, yes we are but not willing to take chances. I did let the neighbor know it was there and she suggested waiting until Monday and their maintenance people would get it and it wouldn't cost us anything. Great news, but now we can't go outside, they are literally swarming everywhere.
And by the way who here has maintenance people?? Maybe in a condo or something, ok, don't mind the snarky comment, I am just jealous. LOL

Now the insurance thing. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, if we both traveled together we could go and get a SS# after we got the C of C, however we won't have that C of C because I am staying here and we will have to do a home study update and apply for it. (another $720 ) Add into that the fact that MI takes FOREVER to get these things done and that blows the 60 days we have to get this info out of the water. So, what to do? I think I will try to get the SS# without the C of C and see what they say, or at the very least a tax ID number to give his employer. They have to accept that, right??

And for your viewing pleasure, the swarm of hornets. Don't mind the swaying, Kerry was trying not to get stung. (do hornets sting??)

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