Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ramblings and a special thank you

Nothing much going on still....

I hope to hear about our TA any day now. We can't book our flights just yet but the passports are at the Chinese consulate awaiting our visa's. (Kerry's and Dad's) Our coordinator is booking hotel and in China flights and we are just waiting on that one piece of paper.

I have tried keeping busy by sewing. I made a shirt for myself, a matching outfit for Grace like Hope's here, two pinafores for Hope and Grace and finished my last order. Tomorrow I think I will make matching cord skirts to go with the pinafores. They turned out so cute. The fabric is green with little apples all over and reverses to a back to school print with apple tress. The skirts will be dark red corduroy.

And finally a very special thank you to my friend Julie for sending Hope a Chinese Princess outfit. She loves it!! I can't get her to take it off, she keeps going around the house saying " I am so beautiful."

I don't know why the video is sideways, usually I can turn it around. I used another application this time so maybe that's it. Oh and don't look at the mess in the basement, that's the kids playroom and I only clean it up every week or so....

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Julie said...

I am so happy that Hope likes it. She is so cute in it.