Monday, June 30, 2008

Look, Look, Look!!! updated, more pictures

Looks like she got our care package. She loves the Cheerioes and the doll.

Grace with her friend Alexander, aren't they both adorable!!

She also seems to love congee!!

No, it's not LOA but almost as good. We are still on vacaction but I am able to check email sometimes through out the day. This picture was taken last week and she is wearing the clothing I sent and eating the cheerioes!!! Our girl is a doll. I admit I may be partial but hey who cares, I got pictures!!!! I will post the rest when I get home from vacation.

She's walking!!! I am happy to see this but sad that I missed her first steps.


The Ferrill's said...

She IS a doll! ;) What a blessing to get these pics! Have a great vacation!
And if you ever do get to go to Orange Beach, make sure you stop by here to say hello too! ;) We just got back from Gulf Shores!

Steve & Jan said...

Oh Desiree...she IS a doll!! How wonderful you have been able to get these updates!

Praying you will soon be traveling to bring Gracie home!


Tami said...

She is so adorable....glad to see they are back inside!

Mike and Rhonda said...

She is adorable!!!! Just adorable. I know you are so ready to bring her home!

Tracie said...

She is so beautiful. Hope that you get TA soon.

Barbie said...

So adorable~ what an awesome gift to get more pics.