Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Does anyone else think that it's been to....

quiet out there.
I haven't heard any news on LOA's or TA's at all. I am hoping they will be coming later this week.

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The kids have only three days left until school is out. I can't wait. The constant driving to and from and various activities are making me crazy. Hope doesn't get naps during the school year because I have to drive three kids to two different schools at four different times. This is not fun at all. We don't qualify for the bus but are to far to walk (for Hannah). Not that I would let my 12 year old walk home by herself anyway in this day and age. She would have to cross two main very busy streets.
The gas is about killing us, $55.00 every 10 days!!! I don't go anywhere other than school , grocery store or library. I crave the lazy days of summer and time out doors with the kids.

I am hoping an opportunity that came Kerry's way may work out for us. Can't say much now but it would mean more family time and school buses, plus a smaller town. We did visit this past weekend and I am really hoping we were in the wrong part of town, otherwise it is not even an option anymore.
My girl can't leave her noodles even for a minute. Most of them ended up in the pool. Then we had to refill it and of course change her suit because it was to wet. (according to Hope) Isn't that what swimming is all about??

These are my favorite pictures of my girls. Wishing Grace was here!!

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