Monday, June 23, 2008

No news....

Nothing much going on still.... I hear there is news coming though. I have heard this before and you can only believe them so many times before it falls on deaf ears. No big deal, it is all in God's time and I am ok with that.

We had some good times this weekend. The home owners association put on a magic show, juice and snacks for the kids and wine tasting for the adults. It would have been a bit more fun if some of our neighbors were not so closed minded and rude. Enough said.

Anyway, we rode our bikes to the pavilion but Hope wanted to get out and walk with Baba, so I let her and she started running and took a nose dive into the sidewalk. Ouch!! Her poor little nose, knees and chin are all scraped up. (sorry Grandpa, it looks worse than it is) She is super strong though and got right back up and played for hours.

I also finished my latest creation. I saw this on a web blog and thought I could recreate it without a pattern. I made a few changes but it turned out great and is my favorite outfit to date!!

My sewing business has had a major slow down, so I will start working on Grace's quilt.

If any of you need sewing done, I am always up for it. The airline prices are starting to scare me :)


The Ferrill's said...

You are so talented! I pray you hear something THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor girl.

I am with The Ferrills you are extremely talented!

Tami said...

Hope is such a beautiful model....even with the boo boos!Is she stylin' or what?!!