Wednesday, June 4, 2008

News, the Good and the not so Good......

First the good news...
We have heard from the SWI through Caring for China. The director is requesting that those children matched be expedited. This is great news!! Hopefully we will get our LOA in record time and travel before the Olympics. Here is an exerpt from her email: (she is referring to our latest care package)

I will make sure the things get to Xin Jie. I will be asking that Desiree will be granted the expedited letter of approval
it would be an answer to my thoughts. I have been asking especially for those who are matched that they could go sooner.

Now on to the not so good news.

An agency wrote the following letter to it's clients. I will paraphrase and take out the main point pertaining to us. I got this from China adopt talk and she is almost always correct.

At this time, the most notable problems reside in the fact that there are less adoptable children and that orphanages are less co-operative to international adoption than in the past. One of the stated reasons is the insufficient donation to the orphanage ($3000 US) for an adoption. The CCAA wishes to provide better support to the orphanages and therefore intends to raise in the near future the amount of the donation to the orphanage to $5000 US.

We have been warned this may happen, I was hoping it would be after we adopted Grace, but now I am not so sure. While I don't mind paying the extra amount, it would have been nice to know in advance so we could budget for it. Looks like I will have to get back to my sewing. I did come up with a new super cute dress. I made one for Hannah, Hope and Grace. I don't have a pattern. I saw it online at a sewing blog and thought I would recreate it. I loved it so much I made a top for myself!!

Ok, back to finances...

I would also like to thank the people who have donated to our Kingdom Kids account. We have about $600.00 right now and I am very thankful for every penny.

I will leave you with a video from Tuesday night. Jake lost another tooth!! He is so funny.

The dresses still need the seams finished and I might add a pink ruffle onto the small ones, but they did turn out cute and not to bad without a pattern. I will be adding these to the sewing site soon. I can make sizes. 18mths to 10. I am still figuring out prices. These take alot of fabric but not as much time. (2-3hrs)


Barbie said...

Love the dresses! Are you going to be selling them?

That would be awesome if you were expedited!! Could be anytime if that happens!

Thanks for the invite. :-)

Tami said...

Those dresses are adorable!! You are so talented. Thanks for all your updates regarding Grace....praying you'll get good news fast!

Doreen said...

The good news: Excellent! Great to hear.
The not so good news:Hopefully it won't kick in yet.

Doreen in Montreal

Julie said...

The dresses are cute. I really hope you get in and out of China before the SWI fee goes up.


Anonymous said...

Love all the outfits.


It is so hard for me to read that there are not as many children as their are adoptive parents, but on the flip side it makes my heart so happy that less girls are being abandoned on street corners, it makes me happy to know that somewhere there is a mom who is putting value on her daughter, that is an answer to prayers too.