Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Girl and her Ducks....

Hope loves ducks, they can be any size, color or whatever she just has to have them. Whenever we go somewhere and she sees a duck she always tells me "we need to bring them home to their family". And yes we usually end up buying it because I can't resist her little plea. Once home she will find all her ducks and line them all up and play with them for hours. She has named them all, usually after all of us and then she will add in mei mei or another jie jie and on and on. As of last count they numbered 27..... I think we need to avoid the duck aisle, is there such a thing? LOL

And then on to adoption news... our agency is expecting LOA's next week. Of course we will be out of town and not find out if ours is in for a couple days. Hopefully someone will call us....Please?!?!

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