Thursday, July 22, 2010

Something a littler lighter...

Than my previous post. Sorry if I was venting but someone said something to me that was just plain ignorant for lack of a better word. And that someone wasn't friend but family...ugh

I know, forgive and forget but my mama bear instincts came out and well....just had to vent a little.

Anyway, today is the last day until my wonderful loving and very much missed hubby will be out of town. He has been in CA for the last two weeks. Yes, he literally came home from China and left two days later for business. He comes home tomorrow!! We all can not wait and have some fun family time planned.

Not to change the subject or anything but have any of y'all ever used Cr*igs list? I hadn't until today. We were in dire need of a new crib (all we have is a portable) so I went online and found a beautiful one that converts to a daybed and full size headboard. Now I know this was not a cheap bed, but I paid only $75 for it and it is perfect!! Was super easy to set up and Rachel loves it!! Now once I sell my portable crib and the toddler bed on Cr*igs list this will have only cost me $30!! I am one happy mama.

So nice, isn't it?? And it will last years for Rachel. Even matched the dressers we already have.

Another quick change of subject. Never said I was gonna make sense on this post, just rambling on...

One of the girls' favorite things to do is play in our bathroom, not sure why but they love it. I have had to baby proof everything in there. Good thing cuz my girls are into everything.

Must have forgotten the shampoo bottle, but she couldn't get it open.

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They even like getting into the tub and just sitting in there, no water just toys.

Yes, she loves toothpaste. She knows how to brush her teeth and asks to do this all the time.

Even my big girl got in on the action. This was her self taken photo.


Carey and Norman said...

I'm loving all the girls dresses you've made. Your girls are so beautiful and it is good to see Rachel amongst the rest of them!!

So glad she is finally home!

Anonymous said...

The girls look so adorable! Please check recall lists to make sure your crib is not one of the many drop-side cribs that have been recalled.